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Lemon Balm: A Healing Permaculture Garden

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

Lemon Balm: A Healing Permaculture Garden is dedicated to Female Hormonal Health. The Permaculture site was started in 2017 by Nina Lawrin of loveren collections.

Lemon Balm: A Healing Permaculture Garden was created by permaculture designer: Nina Lawrin owner of loveren collections, as a space to share, educated and explore plants as they relate to the female body. Of course men are welcome and will benefit greatly from these nourishing perennial plants, but the main focus is on herbs that will nourish the female throughout her life stages.

"I wanted to create a space where my body as a woman would be honored and explored through my relationship with perennial, wild plants that nourished, supported, and healed my body through its everyday fluxes and waves. To share this space with my fellow sisters while learning and growing together is a dream come true. " -Nina Lawrin

How The Site Began: Jumping in Feet First

Before: Lemon Balm as a Vacant Site, North Lawndale 16th and Ridgeway South end

Lemon Balm started in 2018 with no funding, but a fiery dream and persistent women. The site would not have been possible without local community connections. Special "Thank-you's" go out to permaculture designer Annamaria Leon, Edwin owner of Del Kar Pharmacy, Beverly Landscaping and The City of Chicago for assisting , and a handful of female volunteers. Additionally special thanks goes out to Mountain Rose Herb and The Pollination Project for their 2018 funding and The Resiliency Institute and Homan Grown for their generous donation of perennial plants.

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