Urban Permaculture Foundations

Learn about the basics of Urban Permaculture in this interactive crash course. 


Urban Permaculture Foundations is the building blocks for the Permaculture Design Certificate Course.

Join this course on its own or as a part of the entire Permaculture Design Certificate Course.


What You'll Learn:

-What is Urban Permaculture?

-Ethics in Permaculture

-7 Permaculture Principles




Urban Permaculture Design Certificate Course

The Urban Permaculture Design Certificate Course is a 9 month 72 hour (minimum) training in sustainable living with the Earth while living in the city. 



While this course follows traditional PDC requirements and covers a vast variety of landscapes and techniques, there will be a hyperfocus on how YOU can apply Permaculture techniques within your own backyard, balcony, and urban community at large with the City of Chicago as our canvas. 


Click here for Urban Permaculture Certificate Course Outline





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