Permaculture Designer


Annamaria León

Annamaria is known for creating urban edible forest gardens. When walking through her gardens, one is left with the experience of wonder, being enveloped by nature, and being transported from a bustling city to sacred space.  Her range of designs cover residential landscapes, community gardens, school gardens, and corporate campuses. She has also designed pollinator gardens, ornamental perennial gardens, urban agriculture production farms, and nature play spaces. 


Annamaria specializes in teaching and coaching individuals, students, groups to create the secret garden of their dreams by listening for their vision, drafting a design, and then working with them to implement and care for their spaces.  Her selection of perennial plant communities and plant placement are designed to knit together to create lush plantings. Over time labor decreases, soil fertility and natural habitat increase. Fruit, vegetable and herb production is full of delight and discovery.  


If you are interested in a collaboration to realize the garden of your dreams then please contact Annamaria Leon.





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